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Dorothy Kalins Ink has helped Americas top chefs create award-winning cookbooks.

Zahav Home (On Sale 09.10.24)

Most chefs’ books are made in a studio; this one was produced in Mike’s home kitchen, with Mike and Steve cooking like the dads they are, ingeniously simplifying their award-winning restaurant food.

The 125 all-new recipes in this book — presented visually with step-by-step instructions — include robust salads, abundant vegetables, hearty soups, easy lunches, weeknight meals that taste as if they took hours to make, Sunday dinners, and unforgettable desserts.

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Zahav: A World of Israeli Cuisine

Mike Solomonov and Steven Cook: Winner of the James Beard Cookbook of the Year Award and Best International Cookbook Award, Zahav introduced the restaurant’s distinctive ingredients and foodways to the American kitchen.

Zahav is the most honest chef’s cookbook I have read in a long time. Mike’s soulful depiction of his life delivers the same heart and intelligence that emanates from his restaurant. Zahav is essential reading for anyone who wants to make the food of Israel — or Philadelphia — today.” — Joan Nathan, author, My Life in Recipes 

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The Gramercy Tavern Book

Critics loved how chef Michael Anthony translates restaurant classics for the home cook, along with the restaurant’s glowing, welcoming atmosphere.

“Gramercy Tavern, the cozy-but-chic mainstay on East 20th Street, exudes so much wood-fired warmth that it qualifies as downtown's pied-a-terre. It’s where you want to loaf and linger—and keep eating. The new Gramercy Tavern Cookbook pays tribute to that accomplishment and, of course, to its chef, Michael Anthony, and his deeply and deliciously American fare, like roasted oysters and apple pie, and monkey bread and bacon Cheddar biscuits.” —The New York Times

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V is for Vegetables

By Michael Anthony. Gorgeous botanical illustrations lead the reader through the veg alphabet. With recipes praised as never “cheffy,” Veg won the Beard Award in its category.

“The best kind of chef-written book, because it’s not cheffy. Instead, Anthony offers quick, short recipes and a wealth of tips and techniques aimed to help everyday cooks get a variety of vegetables on their table.” —Bonnie S. Benwick, The Washington Post

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A Platter of Figs

By David Tanis. The Chez Panisse chef’s lessons in simplicity are not simplistic; just right.

“A book of great beauty and, much more rare, real wisdom about food, one that manages to instruct and delight in equal measure.” —Michael Pollan, author, The Ominvore’s Dilemma


Heart of the Artichoke

You can always trust David Tanis’ menus: they’re balanced, sane, and delicious. He shows us how.

“Tanis has been a chef at Berkeley’s Chez Panisse for so long, he seems to have achieved a certain California Zen master state of being. A recipe is ‘what happens between the concept of a dish and its final result’…paints a fine line between om and yum.” —Publisher’s Weekly, starred review


The Kitchen Whisperers: Cooking with the Wisdom of Our Friends

This memoir of sorts pays tribute to the wise and generous voices I hear as I cook. I learn from those voices; we all do.

“I’ll shout to the heavens if need be: buy this book. It will help you soar higher than you ever dreamed.” —Kat Kinsman, Executive Features Editor, Food & Wine

“Compelling…will easily resonate with experienced cooks and should bolster the confidence of novices.” —The New York Times

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The Shake Shack Book

By Randy Garutti and Mark Rosati. Yes, there’s a recipe for the famous Shack Sauce, plus the juicy history of the birth of an American classic that now belongs to the world.

“It’s a fascinating read whether you’re hungry for recipes or insider trivia about the cutthroat New York restaurant world.” —

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Israeli Soul

Mike Solomonov and Steven Cook travel Israel to bring us their favorites, from falafel to Jerusalem bagels and all the hummus in between.

“Solomonov’s food is the genuine cooking that you find all over Israel . . . cooking that bursts with freshly ground spices and complex flavors, from char-edged kebabs to tahini-rich sauces, chewy grains, fresh herbs and rainbows of vegetable salatim, or small cold salads that are the vivid starting point of every meal.” —New York Times

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Federal Donuts

Mike Solomonov and Steven Cook tell us “the (partially) true spectacular story” of the Philly donut and how it grew. Yes, fried chicken.

NY Times honcho food critic Pete Wells stopped in Philly to check out our worst-kept secret: Federal Donuts. He praised everything he sampled, referring to the doughnuts as ‘world-class’ and the chicken as ‘extraordinary,’ which are pretty nice things to say about such humble food.” —Collin Flatts, Eater Philadelphia

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