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We kick off a weeklong tribute to Saveur magazine, past and present, with a colorful interview with the one and only Dorothy Kalins, Saveur’s founding editor. 

Episode 298: Big Cheese

Our first guest is Dorothy Kalins, cookbook writer and former editor in chief of Saveur magazine. Liel talks to her about her new book, The Kitchen Whisperers. Begins at 18:10.

Episode 370

Dorothy Kalins ... has put her stories into a book, The Kitchen Whisperers, a beautifully written tribute to the people who teach us to cook and guide our hands in the kitchen.

... that kitchen memories would make up some of my best memories.

If you love to cook, or just love to eat, this episode is for you! We’re excited to welcome our guest, award-winning magazine editor Dorothy Kalins. 

Episode 21

Host Liren Baker talks with award-winning magazine editor and prolific author Dorothy Kalins about her culinary journey. 

Episode 13: Met Home

In this special episode we meet the creators of the 1980s/90s interior design juggernaut, Metropolitan Home: editor Dorothy Kalins and designer Don Morris.


What Can a Half-Century-Old Magazine Teach Us Today?

The cluttered, lively ethos of Apartment Life offers an antidote to the chilly perfectionism of Instagram — and creative ideas that still feel relevant. 

The Seductive Allure of the Real: Remembering the Humble Origins of Saveur

Dorothy Kalins on Perfecting Food Photography — and Rejecting Overblown Editorial Productions. 

The Kitchen Whisperers

“I do dream about cooking, not about meals I’ve had in restaurants, but cooking for/with friends at home. And of course the dead still whisper!”

Episode 116

Pilar Gerasimo talks with her friend and mentor, the legendary journalist, Saveur magazine founder, and cookbook producer Dorothy Kalins, about her new book, The Kitchen Whisperers

The Kitchen Whisperers

“People gathering together around fire to prepare something to eat is as old as civilization itself. The wisdom of our friends stays with us, life-affirming and joyous.” 

Darien Library and Barrett Bookstore welcomed  celebrity chef, Eric Ripert, to discuss his new book, Seafood Simple: A Cookbook ... in conversation with Dorothy Kalins.


Pittsburgh, PA / WLFP-AM 

September 19, 2021

Everything you ever need to know about Pizza, and Cooking with the Wisdom of Friends. Dorothy’s interview begins at 37:39.

Santa Rosa, CA / KSRO-FM

September 11, 2021

In her first solo outing she pays tribute to those from whom she’s learned and why these cooks have stayed with her over the years…We’ll talk with Dorothy about The Kitchen Whisperers.

New York, NY / WABC-AM

September 19, 2021

Joan speaks with Dorothy about her new book The Kitchen Whisperers, and the voices of great chefs and dear friends and family she hears when she cooks.

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